Safeguarding at Huddersfield Ramsden division

As part of Girlguiding, we’re committed to safeguarding children and adults of all backgrounds and identities. Everyone has a right to live free from abuse, exploitation, harm and fear, and to be safe and well. We recognise that some people are particularly vulnerable. All our volunteers are trained in safeguarding, and at least one volunteer at each event and meeting has to be First Aid trained. 

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Advice for leaders

If you become aware of a concern, you must:

  • Remain calm and approachable
  • Listen carefully without interrupting
  • Acknowledge that you appreciate how difficult this may be
  • Make it clear that you’re taking what is being said seriously. Do not give your opinion
  • Reassure them they’ve done the right thing in telling you and that you’ll do your best to help
  • Tell the unit leader (or appropriate Girlguiding volunteer) immediately in a private confidential place where possible
  • Write precise notes of what was said (do not paraphrase), and sign the page with your name, and the date. Give them to the same volunteer you’ve informed. Record only what has been said to you
  • Do not promise confidentiality
  • If you are concerned about the safety or wellbeing of a young person you must remain calm and tell the unit leader (or appropriate Girlguiding volunteer) immediately.

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